Ignite's Mission & Philosphy

Ignite’s Mission: 

To Release the Brilliance with Others.


Can we consciously access our 'brilliance' states? Yes, absolutely

 When we’re at our best, we’re relaxed, centred, clear. It feels like being ‘above the clouds’  - clear air. We enjoy clarity of mind, decisions come more easily, we think more strategically and our communications have impact. Life is more enjoyable. One of the most effective ways to activate your ‘above the clouds’ states is through neuro-science (brain science).

By combining neuroscience (high energy levels) and business strategy, we help business leaders create environments where they, and their teams, perform at new levels while fostering deep fulfillment in their work.

Ignite’s Philosophy:

Leveraging neuroscience to create remarkably wise leadership – self leadership, team leadership, organisational leadership.