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THIS article from the Los Angeles Times’ Review section, called “A Moral Bucket List”, by David Brooks, subtitled “What Kind of Adventures Produce Goodness, Rather Than Build Resumes?”

While reading this article, stop thinking “What are YOU asking from life?”

Rather, the question is “What is LIFE asking of you?”

If people with enormous, character, humility, grace, and gratitude represent the kind of man or woman, entrepreneur or employee, husband or wife, mother or father, friend or lover, YOU want to be, reading this essay may take you a huge step down the road to building greater character!

  • Harcourts Real Estate Annual Conference - March
  • ATAINZ (Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of NZ) Annual Conference - March
  • BWS (Broker Web Solutions) Annual Conference - May
  • BOINZ (Building Officials Institute of NZ) Annual Conference - May
  • NZFA (NZ Franchise Association) Annual Conference - August
  • Great tool to turnaround thinking and behaviour - AP. (Sales Manager)
  • One of the most considered and practical approaches I have seen – AM (Director)
  • Created a better understanding of my mindset and how to be in the right place to implement change successfully - ME (Mgg Dir)
  • So valuable! This alone will increase the effectiveness of any change management project - FM (Mgr)
  • Enjoyed Bruce's illustrations and comparisons. He humanised the presentation. Very relevant - GB (Gnl Mgr)
  • Excellent skills in getting message across in a humourous way - PB (Mgg Dir)

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  • Our "No Growth, No Pay" Leadership Growth Guarantee: this reassuring option is a highly compelling business proposition. It underscores the confidence we have in our coaching processes
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  • Proven expertise in facilitating sustainable change, with both individuals and teams
    • Leader's BEHAVIOUR - ensuring more effective habits and micro-behaviours
    • DYSFUNCTIONAL teams - generating volunteered re-alignment
    • GOOD to GREAT - establishing a team's 'great' trajectory
    • BUY-IN to new processes, strategies or IT applications
    • STRATEGIC PLANNING that sticks
  • Strengths-focused Programmes: content derived from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Self-Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry research

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