Every company we work with, be they large or small, wants to:

  • Powerfully cultivate leadership at all levels
  • Create an emotionally engaged passionate culture (especially during times of change)
  • Propel revenue and profit

How We Create Results Together – By Combining ‘Inside out’ and ‘Outside in’


‘Inside out’

To create powerful results, we assist managers, business owners and leaders with a simple understanding about their inner world, specifically an awareness of their mental / emotional energy levels:

Low energy = poor performance and status quo (or worse)

High energy = generative performance and innovation

With higher energy levels we’re more confident, resilient, generous and our decision making is clearer – it feels like being ‘above the clouds’; we’re at our centred best, calmly focused.

This is where innovation, collaboration, and emotional engagement occur; connections between individuals are clearer and where the engine room for superior results purrs.

Energy Level       Descriptors                                                                 Feels Like

5. Centered  Ease, flow, relaxed, present, insightful ‘Above the Clouds’
4. Responsive  Motivated, optimistic, positive, curious ‘Above the Clouds’


3. Survival Leaky attention, irritable, indifferent ‘Below the Clouds’
2. Breakdown   Withdrawn, vulnerable, anxious, burnout  ‘Below the Clouds’
1.   Defeated   Uncaring, miserable, detached, lethargic ‘Below the Clouds’


Through neuro-science insights we're able to re-locate people in their 'Above the clouds' state.

‘Outside in’

With our stakeholder-centred coaching approach, we focus on leader behaviours and can guarantee behavioural change. This process that generates measurable shifts in a leader's interactions, as assessed by their stakeholders.

Focusing on behaviours is a flip on where you might intuitively start, Values:

Values / Beliefs >>   Think / Feel >>   Decide / Behave

We both validate and measure the effectiveness of this approach by online and anecdotal assessments. The coachee is supported throughout with focused training and coaching.

Blending 'Inside-out' with 'Outside-In' - a potent mix

Combining both ‘Inside-out’ and ‘Outside-in’ approaches ensures the Knowing-Doing gap gets closed. It measurably grows leadership capacity at all levels, builds passionate teams and results in profitable growth.

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