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Leadership and Culture Coach Bruce Ross is skilled in helping business owners and leaders navigate growth and create positive change. The potent neuroscience techniques he teaches are easy to learn and help leaders see into their blind spots, expand their vision, and more effectively influence outcomes.

He skillfully blends a variety of disciplines (Appreciative Inquiry, Self-Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Strengths) to shift leader behaviour to create more positive outcomes plus enroll and align teams in times of change.

Bruce’s extensive business consulting experience has seen him directly develop the leadership capacity of literally hundreds of business leaders / owners across New Zealand.

He also delivers an MBA-level ‘Executive Leadership’ course through the Auckland Institute of Studies plus a number of leadership-related courses through Auckland University Short Courses.

Personal Comment

The beauty of neuro-science is that its impact is immediate. I have specialised in distilling the insights of neuroscience into down-to-earth tools that help executives, managers and teams boost their resourcefulness and results. 

I acknowledge and blend both the ‘being side’ (our internal states) with the ‘doing side’ (execution). This achieves discernible shifts in both undefinedcentred-confidence and performance.

I engage with a person where they ‘are at’ then work to ensure each step of their developmental journey is ‘generative’ – life giving and life sustaining. Their coaching experience becomes one of confirmation, insight then commitment.

My key training and coaching principles are Relevance, Co-creation and Energy.

Relevance means that any new learning can be easily and immediately applied into the everyday lives of the participants. They become more versatile, and their leadership more skillful.

Co-creation means engaging the resourcefulness of each person / group. By tapping into the group’s collective wisdom, their learning experience becomes more easily recollected, it's engaging and, ultimately, effective. 

Energy - Quite simply, unless our energy level is 7+/10, we can’t take in what’s being said. Therefore, my coaching / training is conducted within a high energy ecology. When this occurs, solutions are no longer remote or intellectual – they’re absorbed, fused and purposeful.

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