Ignite's Mission & Philosphy

Ignite’s Mission Statement: Free to fully express brilliance


Great concept... but realistically, can we rapidly and intentionally access these 'brilliance' states? 

Yes, absolutely. But you need liberative and transformational tools.

You'll recognise your 'brilliance state' by its sense of spaciousness. It feels like being ‘above the clouds’  - clear air. 

You feel relaxed, centred, connected. You enjoy clarity of mind, clear decision making, ease, insight and your communications have impact. Life is  enjoyable. 

One of the quickest ways to activate these ‘above the clouds’ states is through neuro-science (brain science).

By combining neuroscience and business strategy, we help business leaders create environments where they, and their teams, perform at higher levels while fostering deep fulfilment in their work.

Ignite’s Philosophy: To Reduce Suffering in the World

The world is in suffering. And the vast majority of the suffering is taking place, ironically, within organisations.

Your people want to contribute, they want to be good team members; when they go home they want to be good Mums and Dads.

But what is actually happening is, they never feel like they're doing enough, they feel overwhelmed and stressed; this is creating dysfunction within the organisation, it decreases profits; it creates broken families and leads to disease.

It is Ignite's mission in the world is to help change that.

We believe that the way we change that, is to teach people how to perform at higher levels by understanding core principles that will give them emotional freedom, psychological freedom, and eventually, financial freedom.

That's our stand in the world.