Unplanned staff turnover was at 22%

We needed to-invigorate our identity and get bottom-up responsibility. Bruce immediately helped us to clear the air then got the whole organisation re-focused and back on track.  His processes significantly raised energy levels across the board - unplanned staff turnover has dropped from 22% to 8%, my time has been freed up by a day a week and our internal staff satisfaction rating shot up to the 2nd highest globally (out of 87 countries). It has been a highly valuable process

Ian Mills. Mgg Dir., Synovate (now Ipsos)


The depth of a 10-week course - in just three sessions

I'd been allocated three coaching sessions and didn't really have a specific issue to work on. But in those three sessions with Bruce I experienced levels of self-awareness, clarity and depth that I would normally expect from a 10-week course. Really powerful for me!… and time-efficient

Louise Jury. Executive Manager., Vero Insurance

Culture Turnaround

We needed a cultural spring-clean - while retaining the 120 people we had. And what a shift! Managers are now working smarter together; issues are collectively owned and shared; my time has been freed up by ~1.5 days/week, I'd say trust is up 50%; the attitude is far more ‘We’. Bruce has had a contagious impact!

Michael Blake. Gnl Mgr., Absolute Catering

Strengthened Relationship with my Board

I needed an independent I could absolutely trust to open up to. Bruce put me at ease and was exceptionally helpful. With this foundation we could address a range of issues concerning the relationship between my Board and myself.

Our levels of clarity and collaboration grew with Bruce’s help. And I’m pleased to say both the Board and myself were very happy with the outcomes. Overall I found the experience with Bruce to be re-invigorating; the passion for my job returned and I became a good 50% more effective                                                              

Sandra Perry. CEO, Waikato Chamber of Commerce

A Team Now Committed to Working Cohesively Together

We wanted to generate a sense of team spirit between the 40 independent sales people across 3 branches. Boy, did we totally achieve this. We’ve now got a fully aware team of people, committed to working more cohesively with each other, between the branches. It was terrific. We’re now getting feedback from the staff we don’t normally get, there is now open dialogue, a door of communication has been opened. It’s just brilliant.      

Shane Laidlaw. Branch Manager, Eves Real Estate

No Hype Business Coaching

I can't stand hype; I like 'down-to-earth' practicality.  I got breakthroughs right from our first session - real clarity about what I had to do.  I now have far greater control over the business so I can work on the strategic issues. I’m even more skillful now at managing people.  All in all, I'm able to get to the things I really want – yachting

Andrew McLaren. Franchise Owner, Mr Rentals

Our traditional strategic planning wasn’t working.

Your program has really helped get through some massive changes and will be really useful in the even bigger ones coming.  It's had a significant dollar benefit, including one initiative alone giving us a $150,000 cost reduction. We’ve learned how to approach things in a much better way.  

Lack of clarity and motivation

We were a small business, struggling with motivation to get ahead. Within our first 6 months of working together profit was up 500%, staff had grown from 2 to 8, I had already achieved my 3 -year goals, I felt a greater sense of well-being and I could take holidays without feeling stressed.

Now, 4 years on, I have 38 staff, have expanded overseas and have a strong team of managers under me. I work 4 days a week

Simon Goodall. Mgg Dir, Dog Guru

My business had been stuck

I felt like the business and I had been stuck in the same place for some time. I had great ideas but not enough time and/or planning to make it happen. I'm now clear on the direction and actions I need to take for that next step in the business growth - and the drive to make it happen.

Malcolm Nicoll. Dir. Body Spark, Body Spark