The Neuro-science of Enhanced Strategy Implementation

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You’re action-orientated, you want to see results fast....

You’ve completed the heavy lifting of the first two of the four stages for business growth:

  1. Vision stage and
  2. Strategy stage

... now you need your team engaged and motivated, kick-starting the Implementation stage (execution) for breakthrough results.

You’ve shared the inspiring vision, its solid strategies… even outlined the benefits, especially at the personal level.

But something’s missing, there’s little take up. It feels flat.

You’ve just encountered your team’s powerful Threat System in action – their deeply engrained brain wiring that seeks to maintain the status quo. If the brain anticipates something to be uncomfortable (threat), it resists; it disengages.

Activate Their Flow State by Managing the Brain’s Threat and Reward Systems

Threat system: when any change occurs, we feel threatened, uncertain – and focus on the negative.

Reward system: we feel pleasure as result of a release of dopamine, reinforcing the desire to repeat the activity.

The savvy leader understands our 'Flow State' occurs naturally after the brain's threat systems have been settled and when the reward systems have been activated.

'Flow State' Activation Formula:  Go High. Then Go Low to Go High

Let’s look at the formula's two parts: When faced with any challenge / issue

1. GO HIGH: Have your team answer, 'What do they really want?' to generate their shared Resonant Vision. This process activates their Reward System (gets energy up). A resonant vision touches a deeper core than a typical (expedient) vision.

2. THEN GO LOW: Re-strategise in a way that includes a pre-mortem (takes account of those things that could kill your initiative). This settles the Threat System, (minimises energy drop).

    TO GO HIGH: This revised planning process makes achieving the resonant vision inevitable.

This formula inverts our intuitive yet rarely effective approach to problems (or poor-performance): identify the problem, then try to fix the problem. Trying to address the problem from a low energy state simply doesn’t work.

This 'High, Low-High' approach to planning and problem solving ensures your team's energy and enthusiasm levels remain high, and broader perspectives  maintained. Buy-in occurs organically, as a natural by-product.

But how does this apply in the real world?

For a fuller explanation of the formula and how to apply the specific steps that Kick-start Your Team’s Flow State, download our free ebook, or contact Bruce directly for a taster consultation.

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