The One Word that Focuses Your Year

I have written before of humans being dual aspected – Being and Doing. We are human beings AND we are human do-ers.

The Being side of us is our inner world (of feelings, intuition, purpose, imaginings, consideration of the essence of things… the boiler room of our motivation).

The Do-ing side is our outer world (of facts, results, actions, efficiencies, processes… the arms and legs of our achievement).

Usually when we consider our lives (especially around new year and resolutions) we tend to focus on our Doing/outer world

e.g. lose weight, stop smoking, write a book, achieve this, accomplish that.

Little attention is given to how we want (or need) to BE to achieve those things in our outer world.

So the concept here is to acknowledge your Being side by identifying your one word - your potent BEING word. It’s the word that will give meaning and focus to your year, that will capture the essence of what we hope to accomplish and who we want to be.

Further, because we live such busy, stressed-filled lives full of distraction, we can forget our goals. But we can all remember and focus on one word.

How to find that word?

It’s not a random selection, rather the result of reflecting on the year that has been, what is needed in the year ahead, what you feel you need more of.

My word for 2014 is: Proactive

It challenges me with 'how can I be more proactive today, this week, this month… at work, at home, within myself, within the community?'

I can see this year is going to be unlike any other we have experienced, especially given the explosion of international financial crises points. It will need eyes wide open, forethought and preparation, high levels of light responsiveness.

In My Face

I have PROACTIVE in front of me every day. It has a prominent position on my one page, four quadrant planning schedule that sits in full view right beside my computer. This allows my semi-conscious to be triggered by it every day.

So two questions remain. Do you need clarity of focus this year? What will your word be?