Growth in staff numbers, gross profit, revenue and culture

“Over the two years I’ve worked with Bruce, staff numbers have grown from 8 – 35, our gross profit has improved by 80%, revenue by 400%, revenue targets are by up to 10% (in a competitive market). Staff now own their responsibilities. We have gone from scraping the bottom of the barrel to soaring with eagles.“

- Bruce Croucher. Mgg Dir ITC Services

What stops business owners from being as successful as they want to be?

Their thinking. There can be no change to their outcomes without a change in the thinking that creates them.

Neuro-science research sheds light on what is needed for a change in thinking:

  • Start with personal insight. Through an array of provocative questions that cause self-reflection, we help you to develop your own solutions. An example question, ‘How must you grow to grow your business?’
  • Create intense focus. This is achieved through identifying your 'one thing' for each situation. Your first 'one thing' is your resonant vision; a vision so intense that it powerfully aligns all parts of you. With this resonant clarity, you don’t strive toward achieving your vision, you come out from it.
  • Regular re-enforcement over time. With a coach to support, you yet hold you accountable, your resonant vision becomes your new norm.

Our coaching is a developmental process that stimulates, supports and reinforces breakthroughs in the Business Owner's thinking and behaviour.

Business owners undertake our coaching for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They have achieved good growth but now need to get infrastructure in place in order to get to the next level
  • The business fundamentally depends on them and they want to increase its salable value or spend more time outside the business
  • Profitability and turnover has stagnated and they realise that their current approach will not deliver their wealth aspirations
  • They are working harder than ever for the same results
  • They feel isolated and need to get some external perspective

We apply a three-stage approach to achieve your business growth

1.  Assess: First we’ll complete a Business assessment to highlight your greatest opportunities for growth.

2.  Stimulate: Then we’ll help create your energising business plan (Smarter-Start Business Planning) This hones your focus on the highest leverage activities.

3.  Achieve Breakthroughs: We have found business growth occurs as we support your focus on these key elements

  • Lifting your thinking to a new level
  • Focusing on the important few
  • Reducing clutter and stress in your life
  • Raising your personal effectiveness and confidence
  • Support through learning new skills
  • Creating a high performance culture

In our work together you’ll achieve

  • Better results with less effort through greater focus and discipline
  • Business and personal ideas that will lift your energy and enthusiasm
  • New habits that will improve the value of your business and your quality of life
  • Less stress, more confidence, and tools to take your life and business to the next level

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A sample of some of the modules you can select to work into:

  1. Identifying and overcoming a behavioural blind spot that could be harming your leadership
  2. Overcoming a limiting belief or perception that could be holding you back
  3. Engaging and mobilising your team
  4. Communicating powerfully / leadership presence
  5. Influencing others with impact
  6. Building effective teams
  7. Creating a high-performance culture
  8. Leading change
  9. Resolving conflict / mastering difficult conversations
  10. Thinking comprehensively about complex issues
  11. Your one-page leadership dashboard
  12. Managing overwhelm and taking control of time
  13. Creating an effective Advisory Board
  14. Fostering collaboration: up, down, across, and outside the organisation
  15. Developing your strong personal brand
  16. Creating a culture focused on service excellence
  17. Strategic planning
  18. Succession planning and developing the organisation for the future
  19. Executing effectively / getting things done.
  20. Enhanced personal effectiveness / energy management

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