ROI on Coaching? $1m after just two sessions

“When I first met Bruce, I wasn’t sure what the ROI in coaching would be. After just two sessions he'd refocused me on creating a culture of Partnering. And with this in mind, I reviewed our suppliers and made several changes; as a direct result, I saved the company $1m.“

- Matt Williams. Executive Manager. Vero Insurance

A company’s success and culture is a direct reflection of the leaders in key roles. All top athletes have coaches, and every game-changing executive does too. Coaching is the most effective way to see into your blind spots, enhance your vision, and reduce or remove challenging behaviours.

Insight, the precursor for behaviour change, most readily occurs when reflecting upon past performance. Neuroscience coaching or brain-based coaching is one of the most direct routes to achieving insight and accelerating the development you seek.


First we’ll do a Leadership Effectiveness assessment to understand your greatest opportunities for growth.


Then we’ll create our action plan to get you what you want. In each session we’ll focus on topics including:

  • People, communication, influence, team dynamics challenges
  • Places you feel stuck or don’t understand why you are getting the results you are getting
  • Areas in your leadership you would like to grow
  • Personal experiences you would like to shift or change around a specific topic
  • Challenges you are having (leadership or personal, if affecting your performance)
  • Business strategy / execution support you are seeking

Executive-level coaching is focused on optimising your leadership skills and your ability to cultivate leadership in others. Coaching will help you become highly influential, plus deepen your ability to create trust and connection both inside and outside your company. Your coach can also be a sounding board for business strategy (or strategy execution).

In our work together we will:

  • Discover the real reasons you’re not getting the results you want… so you can now get them
  • Get you clear and powerfully in action, aligning your behaviours with your strategy
  • Look objectively at your thinking & decision making framework.
  • Discover your blind spots
  • Craft your leadership abilities and style to enable your team to play a much larger game
  • Align all the parts of you that are in conflict with the results you want in your work and in your life.

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A sampling of coaching topics... which of these are of interest?

  1. Identifying and overcoming a behavioural blind spot that could harm your career
  2. Overcoming a limiting belief or perception that could be holding you back
  3. Engaging and mobilising employees and teams of people
  4. Managing or leading up
  5. Building one’s power-base through professional relationships
  6. Communicating powerfully / leadership presence
  7. Influencing others with impact
  8. Building effective teams
  9. Creating a high-performance culture
  10. Leading change
  11. Resolving conflict / mastering difficult conversations
  12. Thinking comprehensively about complex issues
  13. Your one-page leadership dashboard
  14. Managing overwhelm and taking control of time
  15. Your one-page career plan / managing your career development
  16. Succeeding in a new role
  17. Leadership through a merger / acquisition
  18. Creating an effective Board of Directors
  19. Fostering collaboration: up, down, across, and outside the organisation
  20. Developing your strong personal brand
  21. Creating a culture focused on service excellence
  22. Strategic planning
  23. Succession planning and developing the organisation for the future
  24. Executing effectively / getting things done.
  25. Enhanced personal effectiveness / energy management

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