At last… an Executive Coach with ‘skin in the game’

Our Leadership Coaching Success Guarantee: Measurable and sustained improvement in a key person's behaviour – as assessed by their stakeholders, or don't pay

Engage in our coaching programme, follow our simple and proven processes, get feedback from your key person's stakeholders on a monthly basis… and if  measurable, positive behaviour shifts are not achieved, don’t pay.

We're so confident in our systems, subject-matter expertise and on-line progress review tools that Ignite is bold enough to offer this guarantee of coaching effectiveness.

Keep that Key Person You Simply Cannot Afford to Loose

This process is particularly effective supporting key people:

  • who have exceptional strengths, however have areas for development that could stall or derail their careers
  • who are often perceived by colleagues to be 'difficult to work with'
  • whose issues are usually associated with conflict management and over / under assertiveness

It is a simple process - but it's not easy. Establishing behaviour change takes time; it also takes courage as the leader shares their developmental intent, publicly.

That’s why this process needs the direct, active and supportive involvement by stakeholders – it's a stakeholder-centred approach.

It takes 12-months to really guarantee the behaviour shifts are sustainable. And for the leader’s stakeholders to trust the new habits are truly embedded.

Unlimited coaching hours – rest assured, we do whatever it takes; we have skin in the game too!

Our Stakeholder-centred Coaching Process

  1. The key person selects 1-2 areas for leadership growth
  2. Get improvement suggestions directly from stakeholders
  3. Create and implement the action plan
  4. Make the changes visible
  5. Measure progress quarterly (online system)

Benefits of a Stakeholder-centred Coaching Programme

  • Peace of mind – certainty that your coaching investment is effective
  • Measurable leadership growth – systems measure behaviour change and stakeholder perception in parallel
  • Sustained positive behaviour shifts – as confirmed by stakeholders
  • Time efficiency – a change process that’s integrated in their leadership role in real time
  • Replicability – equips leaders to lead a process of culture change, themselves
  • Deepened interdependent relationships – broad development of coaching capability across the organisation

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