Powerful process that would be of enormous value in Business Development work with clients as well as in the team environment

- Philippa O’Mara. Chartered Accountant. Campbell Tyson Cooper White

What Bruce has shared is not snake-oil. This is as close to a silver-bullet as I have ever seen. Simply Brilliant.

- Jon Dunning. Customer Services Manager. Metrowater

Bruce is a respected business speaker and addresses audiences across Australasia. His speeches and seminars are renowned for being pragmatic,  educative and inspirational and  enable audience members to change behaviours, habits or attitudes.  They are loaded with ideas and insights to win over even the toughest of audiences.  Topics revolve around:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Change

A Sample of Presentation Topics 

Switch Thinking

Insistence on continual high performance. Ever-increasing pressure and rapid change. A shifting economic back-drop. Desperately seeking work / health balance. Where’s the answer? What’s the essential ingredient that satisfies these demands and grows your internal capacity?

Revitalised energy levels. With high energy levels you’re more productive, relaxed, confident, agile and resilient. You’re more intact. Life is what you have the energy for. Leadership is about harnessing your people’s energy, not your people.

This workshop combines the gritty, tough-mindedness of practicality with an inspirational belief in your inherent potential. The insights and tools presented have the power to immediately revolutionalise your approach to life and work. It all starts with Switch Thinking.

 Conscious High Performance - FLOW

We’ve all experienced moments of productive ease; we’ve been ‘in the zone’. It’s when we feel focused, alert, calm, highly engaged… and time warps. This state is called FLOW. When we understand the key elements of Flow, we can deliberately re-create circumstances that both reduce stress and enhance our productivity.

There are the fundamental elements to Flow, common to everyone. But what is your unique and specific sequence, the one that enables your ‘Extra-ordinary best self’ to emerge? Equipped with this insight, your consistent high performance is no longer arbitrary. ?

This presentation is ideal for any team or individual seeking to improve their performance. You will view work, pressure and high performance from a new position of strength.

 Engaging Untapped Capability – both yours and your team’s

It’s understandable that the reaction to tougher times is to cut back. However significant growth is actually a viable alternative. The key lies in activating the innovation gene within your organisation.

How? Employee engagement. High levels of employee engagement correlate to better idea generation, more idea sharing, greater creativity and improved business outcomes.

This presentation outlines three simple steps to dramatically enhance innovation and engagement levels across your team or organisation. With an emphasis on simplicity and practically, you will leave equipped with tools you apply immediately.

 Implementing Change at the Speed of Imagination

70% of change initiatives fail. Why? Because traditional change strategy is decided by (senior) management. This leaves a significant disconnect, as those implementing the strategy (non-management) weren’t part of its formulation. They were not included, so their ‘buy-in’ did not occur.

Reversing this traditional ‘top-down’ method to a ‘bottom-up’, all inclusive approach shifts people from hesitancy / sabotage to active engagement … and even volunteered enthusiasm toward the change

This presentation goes beyond a catalogue of information; you will get to experience the shift from cynicism to engagement. Then, given its simplicity, you’ll be able to apply these techniques to lift employee engagement levels in any area of your organisation.

 The Most Direct Route to Getting What You Want

“You get out of life what you put into it” Not true. You actually get out of life what you focus on! Where do most focus? On what’s not working, thus ensuring they get more of what they don’t want. So how, as a leader, do you reverse this?

This informative and entertaining presentation unlocks the five-step code to getting anything. This template unlocks how to evaluate your/your team’s performance, particularly where they may be stuck. You will then be able to unblock any blocks, as you will also be shown how to strengthen each of the five elements. Equipped with these insights, your role as a leader is vastly simplified.

Micro-Resilience – managing how you “show up”

Resilience has traditionally been defined as “bounce-back from adversity”. Today, with increasing demands to constantly be at our peak, we need Micro-Resilience: the ability to transition from one role or task to the next, cleanly, not dragging the unfortunate energy or overhang from the first interaction to the next. And this is not easy.

An unwelcome interaction can have a devastating effect on the rest of your day. Try giving balanced advice directly after experiencing a significant frustration. It’s not easy to transition smoothly with the appropriate mindset that fits the new situation.

This provocative and engaging presentation will provide specific tools to assist you retain inner states of readiness and intactness as a leader. Team members will understand they are responsible for how they “show up” and the impact this has on those around.

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