Make Your Team Smarter, Overnight

Centred Leadership: Blending Neuroscience and Personal Development

In this highly interactive training, we apply neuroscience to leadership with breakthrough results.

Traditional approaches to leadership emphasise an external focus (setting the vision, getting results).

Today’s leaders need to be skilled in deliberate re-connection to the best version of themselves (their resourceful selves), first.

Leadership is about making sure the best version of you speaks to the best version of them

From this authentic and centred position, re-aligning team members to their best version is swifter... and a collective resourceful state is the pre-requisite for higher levels of sustained productivity, accountability and innovation.

Engaging staff from this centred state, is the essential ingredient for rapid growth.

Results You Can Expect

  • Increase in focus and presence to access your own centred leadership
  • Increase transparency through proven accountability structures
  • Communicate more explicitly resulting in faster, more effective and complete outcomes
  • Understand how the brain works in change, growth, and learning scenarios—and how to shift the brain into enthusiasm and innovation versus fear, reluctance and resistance
  • Build a sustainable culture where burnout and unvoiced frustrations are a distant memory

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