I’ve read a lot on goal-setting and wasn’t 100% sure of what benefits I would gain but damn I’m glad I came. The clarity around my resonant vision has got me inspired and I also have an accountability structure to keep me at it

– Phil Vialoux. Mg Dir. System 7

As a business coach, I know the value of strategic planning. Bruce’s approach added another dimension, which transformed an otherwise linear process into an energising multi-dimensional one. Anyone who goes through this process with him will wish they had done so years ago.

- Britta Christiansen, Mg Dir. The Ripple Effect.

Create a Powerfully Resonant Business Plan Using Neuroscience 

Many business planning processes are technically thorough, but they deplete your energy as you undertake them. This diminishes their impact, rendering the actions-to-take as arduous, uninspiring. The Smarter-Start approach is deeply energising - it leaves you clear, resolute and highly motivated.

By applying Ignite’s proprietary approach to visioning (The Resonant Vision), you experience multiple energy surges throughout the business planning process. It’s you activating the powerful ‘reward urges’ within your brain, so clarity and focus are maintained.

Given the profundity of your resonant vision, the necessary strategies to create your resonant business become easily identifiable.

Embedded within the planning process is a powerful accountability structure. Your Smarter-Start Business Plan will be implemented because of our unique twelve month accountability processes. These help you overcome obstacles plus ensure traction and momentum are maintained, month on month.

Progress and results occur faster.

Results You Can Expect

  • A business plan that has a motivational life of its own. You no longer strive towards your vision; you come out from it
  • Each step and stage flows ensuring motivation levels remain high throughout the planning process
  • A business plan that becomes your playbook for enjoying the journey, not burnout
  • You no longer have to rely on will-power to implement the plan. Accountability systems ensure you’re supported, challenged and refocused

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